Getting Started

Setting up


Inti Foundation and its child themes come configured with a Gulp file that will compile your Sass and code changes for you with its watch function. (If your workflow doesn’t include Gulp, please review this file to see what library elements need to be compiled into a final CSS file with your own tools).

The best way to customize Inti Foundation is to create a child theme. Consider doing that before making edits to the parent theme.
LevelUpTuts provide a free tutorial on Gulp that we’d highly recommend… Watch Here



Inti Foundation (and a child theme) should be uploaded to wp-content/themes and activated.

If you immediately visit the site, you’ll see the homepage is not displaying any content and that there is no menu set up. We need to set up the initial settings.


Initial Settings

Front Page and Blog Index

The majority of sites require a Home Page and a Blog Index page. In the WordPress Dashboard, publish a page called Home and another called Blog. In Settings->Reading in the WordPress Dashboard, set ‘Home’ as the front page and ‘Blog’ as the blog page.

Theme Options

inti-optionsBy default, the front page template, displays a loop of posts underneath. It will display that no posts are found by default. This is because we need to set up the default Theme Options (if your theme doesn’t need this, feel free to delete it or override in a child theme).

Take time to review each tab of Inti Options in the Dashboard and configure as needed. Here you’ll generally find settings that are more to do with how the site works and what it contains rather than how the site looks.


As well as an integrated theme options page, Inti Foundation supports the WordPress customizer. Here we include options to configure how the site looks — things that might benefit from an immediate visualization of what’s being changed. Some settings overwrite CSS values or HTML templates. Feel free to remove theses options.



When adding your own options, consider if you’d prefer them to be in Theme Options or in the Customizer… or simply remove one altogether.



No menu will appear on the site until you create and assign one in Appearance->Menus